He was a drug addict
never home
always drunk
we were always alone
an abusive dad
both verbal and physically
it was never fun
if only
I could have run

Wasn’t there
half my life
because he was doing time
when I look back on my life
I want to ask
why was my mom with him
why did he do what he did
why did he have to be the way he was

Being drunk is where he showed his love
when he wasn’t it was always
push and shove
had many tattoos, to many to count
strong and scary

He would always spend time with the boys
that made me feel lonely
I didn’t feel
I never felt
that all changed when his girlfriend was there.
he acted all nice
even bought me things
when she was gone
he was still mean

treated my mom poorly
didn’t show love
they were married twice
but he did all of the above
he was abusive
that’s why she couldn’t leave
drinking was the biggest issue
chemicals and leaves
living with his grandma
he couldn’t afford a house
stealing cars
because he needed to get around

Finally when I was eight
I had an excuse
a year later my mom found out
it was sexual abuse
we no longer see my dad
I couldn’t be much happier

He had threatened to kill my mom and stepdad
this made me sad
they are the only parents I would stand by
forget my bio dad

My stepdad is now
my dad
that’s what he represents
has been there
more than half my life
he deserves the credits
he would do anything for me
so I would be safe
I love him with all my heart
he brightens up my day
my mom and him are the best parents
that you could ever have
with how much
love and care they show
it makes me forget about my dad

I am glad and also upset about my past
but everything that has happened
led me away from my dad
he was an adult who had
never grown up
too busy thinking about himself

Well this was my life story
he is now out
I have bigger things to worry about now
like college and a career
and my goal is to think about the
not the negative that has gotten me here



March 2016



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